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8960Re: A lunar eclipse, and a sister remembered

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  • jan_klaile
    Nov 2 9:25 AM
      Dear Morris!

      Ah! You tell this function-tale so beatifully and with such
      heart! I just arrived at this site in a perturbed, defiant and
      melancholy mood (Oh dear!), and now my spirits are totally lifted!
      I am all gratitude!

      Really, it is amazing what this site can do!!!!!! (You know, one
      exclamation mark just doesn't do it sometimes! And I love
      exclamation marks! Just because of that here are some
      more: !!!!!!!* Wonderful!) Anyway, this site must embody a really
      accessible divine consciousness, or something very nice :0). Very
      nice indeed!

      Yes, I revel in these function-stories, imbued with such a sweet
      personal touch and so full of heart! My profuse thanks to everyone

      Thank you again and Joy to all!

      Jan (Helsinki)

      *Don't push your luck. Addiction to exclamation points soon leads to
      the harder stuff. Pretty soon you'll be a hundred-asterisks-a-day
      man... -Assistant Moderator

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, morrisklein27
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > I particularly enjoyed the meditation on October 27 for a lot of
      > reasons. I loved the concert of bhajans (devotional songs) in honor
      > of Sri Chinmoy's late sister Lily-Di. I loved the glorious
      > vegetarian feast that followed the concert and meditation. I loved
      > the film that showed Sri Chinmoy offering his heartfelt prayers
      > before his morning weight training.
      > The Sri Chinmoy Bhajan Singers performed with tremendous
      > tenderness and self-giving. Their faces shone as they sang sacred
      > songs not only to the traditional cosmic gods and goddesses, but
      > also to Lily, Sri Chinmoy's beloved sister. Many of the singers
      > tears as they sang, and had to wipe their eyes again and again.
      > Sri Chinmoy told many cute and charming stories about his
      > including one significant story connected with Lily. He wept
      > bitterly when his sister died. Once, as he was grieving in private,
      > her soul came to him and scolded him for crying for her physical.
      > The soul, she explained to him, is the only real reality that we
      > claim. Sri Chinmoy responded to his sister by saying that the
      > physical has its own supreme importance, and that was why he was
      > crying.
      > I just want to quote the following paragraph about Lily from "My
      > Brother Chitta," a book Sri Chinmoy wrote following his dear
      > Chitta's death in 1998:
      > "My sister Lily's nickname is Rani, which means "Queen." All her
      > life, my sister has had the aura of a queen. When she walks, mixes
      > with people, talks- in anything she does- she always maintains a
      > very special kind of high dignity. She has a very soft oneness-
      > also, but her queenly dignity is really something rare and unique."
      > After the function many of us took our Indian meals outside to look
      > at the lunar eclipse. The moon was a sullen, deep ochre, as if
      > enveloped by heavy gauze. Interestingly, Sri Chinmoy's dhoti
      > (spiritual garment) was the same deep orange or ochre color as the
      > eclipsed moon.
      > Morris Klein
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