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8959Re: French-British Joy in Southern England

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  • sumangali_m
    Nov 2 12:05 PM
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      Thumbs, windows and baize all remained in tact in fact, dear A.M. I
      must say in defence that there are some very talented British female
      pool players in the Centre. I am not one of them, but I managed not
      to put anyone in hospital (not this time at least) :-)

      (a poor fool at pool)

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, sumangali_m
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > "Do you see the face?" I ask, "I always think the moon appears to be
      > singing very soulfully."
      > "Yes, and it seems to be a 'he.' Some say it's a 'she.' Some see a
      > rabbit."
      > "Don't show me the rabbit!" I reply.
      > "I might not see the face anymore!"
      > The moon hangs as a polished bronze disc on our journey east.
      > "Have you ever seen it look quite like that though?" I ask.
      > "No," they both reply.
      > One theory is pollution; another city lights. Auspicious augury?
      > Yes, we all agree.
      > We arrive to silent meditation, followed by a dynamic Soul Bird
      > Dream Songs performance of Sri Chinmoy's recent English songs. A
      > hilarious play then delights us all: spiritual teaching deeply
      > nested in the mischief of British humour. We are soon held captive
      > by the joy of Sanjaya's videos in a magical sequence of European
      > trips.
      > A session of bhajans (devotional songs) rounds off the programme.
      > These sessions always seem pitifully short to me! I smile and sing,
      > surrounded by the warm glow of instrumental sound. Entering the
      > blissful, musical mantra, I never want to leave! It's been a long
      > day though, and I appreciate the hospitality of this civilised
      > country conference centre.
      > We meet at 6 a.m. for meditation, followed by two singing
      > performances. First is Udasina's group, and then Fran's group
      > singing Sri Chinmoy's devotional English songs with such soft
      > sweetness.
      > Sanjaya brings August Celebrations back before our eyes on video.
      > Especially fascinating is a behind the scenes documentary of the
      > record-breaking 101,000-rose bouquet for Sri Chinmoy's birthday.
      > Such a complex and delicate operation! Circular saws and lateral
      > ladders played surprisingly significant roles. Pavitrata offers a
      > very beautiful laminated collage for prasad, even translated into
      > French for our Continental guests. (You can see it in his glorious
      > gallery album.)
      > If I were you, I would not let a successful hill-climbing cyclist
      > measure out your two-mile race route. Richard, had I the energy left
      > at the end of that one-mile hill I would have shaken my fist very
      > menacingly at you :-) This out and back, down and up route has now
      > faded to seem just an invigorating start to the day. I have Bithika
      > to thank for not allowing me to give up, even when walking would
      > have been quicker. First prize: a pineapple, second: a mango, third:
      > an apple. Needless to say, no small enough fruit has yet been
      > cultivated to represent my position in the race.
      > After breakfast we journey through an autumnal kaleidoscope to the
      > country residence of Benjamin Disraeli (Prime Minister during Queen
      > Victoria's reign). This unusual red brick manor wears ornate gables
      > and clusters of towering chimneys, and nestles amongst grand
      > monkey-puzzles and firs.
      > There is a distinctly female monopoly on the pool table before lunch
      > (and for the duration of our stay in fact).*
      > Our closing meditation is followed by a French vocal and
      > instrumental performance, including a soulful rendition of one of my
      > favourite songs by Sri Chinmoy: "Tomar Adesh Shunbo." A newly formed
      > female instrumental group of London-based musicians delights us all
      > with their debut. Ananda ends the musical programme with some
      > favourite arrangements, as well as some new ones. Finally we read
      > out some of Sri Chinmoy's new prayers from Niagara Falls and Ongkar
      > gives us a first-hand account of the Canadian trip.
      > Thanks Bristol Centre for a weekend of perfection!
      > Sumangali
      > :oD
      > *I sincerely hope that no one's thumbs were broken. ;-)
      > -Assistant Moderator
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