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8929Helping the midnight diabetic in distress

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  • jan_klaile
    Oct 30, 2004
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      Before I became a student of Sri Chinmoy, I was attending a few
      meditation lectures given by another group. They seemed very nice:
      jocund, enthusiastic and bright-eyed. One time a woman told me that
      once you start meditating you'll find that at times things happen
      around you. For example, you might catch a bus even though you're
      late. Golly!

      Well, sure enough the next night while I was cycling home from
      theatre practise, I was stopped by a lone passerby. He wanted to
      borrow my bike, a request of no small measure to which I was less
      then willing to comply, especially as I saw that he was slightly
      liquored up. I was feeling protective, a bit fearful. So I excused
      myself, nervously eager to dash away. However, he told me his
      bicycle key had broke in the lock and that he was desperate to get
      home and take his diabetes medicine.

      Oh dear! Automatically I had pitifully been replying in the negative
      to all his pleas, but now my conscience had been alerted! But, I
      didn't want to lend him my bike! Could I trust that he would bring
      it back? I didn't want to lose my bike! What should I do? I
      explained to him that I didn't dare lend my bike to him in his
      present condition as he might hurt himself. I wasn't sure of how up
      to date his reflexes and senses were to the outside world as we know
      it. Actually, I was more worried about my bike at this point!!! I
      was well aware of my insincerity and pitiful argumentation. But
      slowly my one-pointed, short-sighted bike attachment was fading and
      giving way to my actual concern for this human being in front of me
      and for his well-being. As my vital-mind attachment (it's MY bike,
      mine, mine, MINE) was surrendering to what most have been my caring
      heart, IT HIT ME! Of course!

      So, I offered him my helmet and instructed him to place himself on
      my bike's package holder. I would drive him. I found myself really
      inspired and enthusiastic, to such a degree that my mind's
      "warnings" of my "feeble physique," and previous not so successful
      attempts at delivering body packages didn't deter or even daunt me,
      even though I knew the road to his quarters was going to be quite
      up-hilly. No siree! At that moment in time I was certain that
      everything was going to be alright; I was here to act as an
      instrument of a higher will, and he would give me the needed
      capacity to do the job!! And I really felt strong. Inspired and
      sooooooooooo happy! Going uphill is no match for the divine will, I
      thought. He was really surprised that someone would do a thing like
      this, and we chatted cheerfully. At our goal, he dashed inside and I
      waited for him, doing some stretching (in those times I used every
      opportunity to get into musical-theatre shape). I felt like I was in
      a movie or something. Then I drove him back (he needed to go back
      for some reason). These must have been the happiest bicycle
      kilometres of my life. He was very, very grateful. And we said
      goodbye. I was in an ecstatic buzz all the way home.


      Shortly after that, one of my biggest desires was fulfilled. At our
      next theatre rehearsal I was given my own solo singing number to
      which I later got my own solo dance number, which I got to
      choreograph myself! I was thrilled! I felt that this must be my
      prize for my service!

      At the time of our performances I had just been accepted as Sri
      Chinmoy's student and the whole theatre-desire-rucus was easing.
      Still, my number was a hit, and show-stopper. In one show the people
      applauded so hard for ages, whistling and shouting. This had been
      one of my biggest dreams. My friends were so sincerely happy for me,
      they were ecstatic. However, I found myself much more happy about my
      friend's happinness and the happinness of the audience, than the
      fact that they were applauding me. Yes, you could say it was the
      fulfilment of one of my earthly dreams. And it was...nice! Although,
      it felt a bit empty. You know, maybe this isn't the ultimate goal of
      my life. I guess I was ready for getting more acquainted with the
      inner life :0).

      Writing this now, being able to do a split just doesn't sound as
      crucially important as it did then :0). You know, in hindsight
      desire adventures can make quite funny stories, really. At least
      they have that thing going for them :0).

      Take care everyone!

      Jan from Helsinki :0)
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