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8928A lunar eclipse, and a sister remembered

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  • morrisklein27
    Oct 28, 2004
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      I particularly enjoyed the meditation on October 27 for a lot of
      reasons. I loved the concert of bhajans (devotional songs) in honor
      of Sri Chinmoy's late sister Lily-Di. I loved the glorious
      vegetarian feast that followed the concert and meditation. I loved
      the film that showed Sri Chinmoy offering his heartfelt prayers
      before his morning weight training.

      The Sri Chinmoy Bhajan Singers performed with tremendous simplicity,
      tenderness and self-giving. Their faces shone as they sang sacred
      songs not only to the traditional cosmic gods and goddesses, but
      also to Lily, Sri Chinmoy's beloved sister. Many of the singers shed
      tears as they sang, and had to wipe their eyes again and again.

      Sri Chinmoy told many cute and charming stories about his relatives,
      including one significant story connected with Lily. He wept
      bitterly when his sister died. Once, as he was grieving in private,
      her soul came to him and scolded him for crying for her physical.
      The soul, she explained to him, is the only real reality that we can
      claim. Sri Chinmoy responded to his sister by saying that the
      physical has its own supreme importance, and that was why he was

      I just want to quote the following paragraph about Lily from "My
      Brother Chitta," a book Sri Chinmoy wrote following his dear brother
      Chitta's death in 1998:

      "My sister Lily's nickname is Rani, which means "Queen." All her
      life, my sister has had the aura of a queen. When she walks, mixes
      with people, talks- in anything she does- she always maintains a
      very special kind of high dignity. She has a very soft oneness-heart
      also, but her queenly dignity is really something rare and unique."

      After the function many of us took our Indian meals outside to look
      at the lunar eclipse. The moon was a sullen, deep ochre, as if
      enveloped by heavy gauze. Interestingly, Sri Chinmoy's dhoti
      (spiritual garment) was the same deep orange or ochre color as the
      eclipsed moon.

      Morris Klein
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