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8927Utsahi's Cottage

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  • abadnego2000
    Oct 30, 2004
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      Some guys from Montreal and Ottawa went up to Utsahi's cottage last
      weekend. It has no electricity, indoor plumbing or running water. He
      has a few oil latterns and a wood stove. That wood stove is so
      comforting. The heat it gives is full of love and affection. It is
      like the warmth of a mother's embrace. When you are at Utsahi's
      cottage, silence rests upon your mind. Deep meditation is
      effortless, and such a joy. After morning meditation, a ride in the
      canoe is such an uplifting and spiritual experience. It is amazing
      how long one can look at a fire, uninterrupted by the mind. I love
      to spend time with my friends up at Utsahi's cottage. It is a unique
      experience. I am deeply grateful to the Supreme, for providing this
      retreat for us all.

      David -Montreal