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886Re: PRACHAR' s Message of July 4 (# 872)

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  • prachar_1
    Jul 5, 2003
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      Dear Suchana

      My sincerest apologies, but I am the last person to speak about
      stretching. It is one of the main reasons I have had so many
      injuries, because of my deplorable want of patience.

      There is an excellent book about "Active-Isolated Stretching,"
      however, which I borrowed from Rupantar, and found it extremely
      helpful. It gives lists of stretches for different sports, and
      describes them in detail. At least 64 people borrowed this book
      from Rupantar during the last Christmas Trip. There was a waiting
      list for at least a month, and when you had it you didn't dare leave
      it lying around for one milli-second or it would disappear into the
      clutches of the next avid reader. One place Rupantar did leave it
      lying around for a moment was on one of the sheep farms in New
      Zealand where Sri Chinmoy performed his immortal lamb lifts. One of
      the lambs left an indelible mark on one of its pages while reading
      up on the lamb stretching exercises!

      I did the exercises for 'running' for at least a week, and they were

      Perhaps one of our New York based members like Salil or Sanjay or
      Natabara could get the specs on the book from Rupantar, and either
      post the details here or else find out if they have any good
      information on the web.

      May I also recommend some inspirational reading on sports and
      running which you will find at

      Good luck


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, suchana27
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Dear PRACHAR,
      > I have just saved your so helpful message which I am going
      > read more slowly this afternoon at home. Please, could you send
      > details or information about the "Active-Isolated Stretching"
      > techniques for the Self-Transcendence Marathon?
      > Thank you for telling the fantastic experience you had with
      > Maestro Sri Chinmoy at the organ. Very moving! Full of oneness!
      > Suchana
      > More inspiration about Sri Chinmoy's activities:
      > srichinmoyraces.us/ultras/3100_miles/standings
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