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  • zdravko_bulgaria
    Oct 14, 2004

      Today when I was in our center I found a book - God the Supreme
      Humourist Part 2. There Sri Chinmoy answers very amusing and
      lighthearted questions asked by his students during a bus trip:

      Charles: Does God like ice cream?

      Sri Chinmoy: Yes, God does like ice cream because ice cream is the
      food of the human beings who love the childlike consciousness. God
      always treasures the child-consciousness; therefore, He likes ice
      cream. He eternally wants to remain in the child-consciousness. He
      is an eternal Child. Whatever a child likes, He also likes because
      that is the only way He can satisfy and please Himself. Because He
      is an eternal Child, He eternally likes ice cream.

      Savita: How does the Supreme lose weight when He wants to diet?

      Sri Chinmoy: If the Supreme wants to lose His excess weight in the
      physical, then He adopts the physical process: He starves and
      starves. He takes not more than twenty calories a day for two weeks
      at least. And if He has to lose excess weight on the inner plane,
      then He does it by dint of His Will-power.

      Bill: Does God shave?

      Sri Chinmoy: God shaves every day because He gives all importance to
      His cleanliness. He believes in mutual appreciation. If He
      appreciates His creation because the creation remains clean and
      pure, then He is also expected to do the same. That is to say, He
      has to keep Himself clean and pure. God tells us that appreciation
      is nothing short of our inner and outer self-expansion.

      * * *

      If you want to enjoy a childlike spirit, I recommend this book. You
      can find it on Sri Chinmoy Library.


      Have fun... :)

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