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8122Re: SELF-GIVING: comment invited

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  • sarah_inseattle
    Oct 3, 2004

      Your post on Self-Giving has stayed with me all week. It is a
      subject near to my heart, particularly as a mother.

      I also thought that I once read Sri Chinmoy places self-giving above
      meditation and prayer as a spiritual activty; maybe it was in
      conjunction with self-giving as a form of meditation. I have been
      looking through books trying to find such a reference, but have not
      found it. Can anybody point me to any writings along these lines?

      Meanwhile, this morning I enjoyed finding this aphorism:

      I seek only
      To be most self-giving.

      Service-Tree #30,410

      In oneness,

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, nayaknayaknayak
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > I would be very grateful to hear what others say on the topic of
      > SELF-GIVING. Recently this quality has become of urgent importance
      > to me.
      > The champion at self-giving is Sri Chinmoy. He is constantly,
      > constantly, constantly coming up with ways to keep us cheerful,
      > amused, inspired.
      > Sri Chinmoy has emphasized self-giving in his writing. He places
      > above meditation and prayer as a spiritual activity (maybe: I saw
      > in a poem, but I can not find it again). I always admire those
      > students in our group who are ready to give and give. When someone
      > asks them for something, they say "yes" immediately.
      > I have quoted a few passages on self-giving from Sri Chinmoy's
      > books. My favorite quotations below is "My Self-Giving Is My God-
      > Becoming", a book title. That says it all.
      > My Self-Giving Is My God-Becoming. (1)
      > When you think of perfection, you have to know that perfection
      > only in self-giving, and self-giving is God-becoming. (2)
      > The joy of a self-giving life
      > Can neither be measured
      > Nor be expounded. (3)
      > ... if there are some seekers who want only God, God's Light and
      > highest Truth, then I wish to say that these seekers should follow
      > only one path; and that is the path of self-
      > offering, the path of surrender, the path of constant self-
      > giving. (4)
      > It is our freedom of choice that helps us eventually improve both
      > our outer and inner lives. The outer life tells us: Become and
      > The inner life tells us: Give. Give what you have and what you
      > In the process of your self-giving, to your wide surprise you will
      > see that you have become not only what you long for, but something
      > infinitely more. (5)
      > ... when we give, we get infinitely more in return. Self-giving is
      > God-becoming. (6)
      > A self-giving heart
      > Grows younger
      > Every new day. (7)
      > Sources: (1) "My Self-Giving Is My God-Becoming"(book title);
      > (2) "Nineteen American Mothers And Nineteen American Sons With Sri
      > Chinmoy"; (3) "No Unreachable Goal"; (4) "Kundalini: The Mother-
      > Power"; (5) "Einstein: Scientist-Sage, Brother Of Atom-Universe";
      > (6) "What I Need From God"; (7) "Emperor-Smiles and Orphan-Tears".
      > Gratefully,
      > Nayak
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