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8079OT - Humor From Bashini

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  • maria_latinova
    Oct 1 11:08 AM
      Humor From Bashini: Maria's Alien Encounters

      Recently Maria from Bulgaria showed me something she had written
      which she intended to post on the Inspiration site. It contained the
      following sentence: "In London you can see at every corner witches
      and wizards." I feel I have to reply to this, as I have lived in
      London for the past ten years and have never seen either witch or
      wizard on any of this city's many corners. I would like to tell you
      a story about Maria which illustrates the kind of person we are
      dealing with here. :-)

      Last year Maria was working with us in Run & Become (the specialty
      running shop), and had just moved into a new flat with Tsveta. One
      day at work she told me that at this new place something happened
      between 2.30 and 3.00 every morning which was so terrifying she
      could not even speak about it. A few weeks later she got up the
      courage and described it to me. At this time every night she would
      hear a "shoop" noise outside her window which was accompanied by
      flashing lights and followed by the clinking of glass. She explained
      that this was (obviously) an "alien saucerpan" landing on top of the
      dustbins in the garden which her window overlooked. There would then
      follow a few minutes during which she would feel the aliens
      observing her, before leaving with the same "shoop" noise. These
      nightly visitations frightened her so much that she could no longer
      sleep in the room alone, so one night she asked Tsveta to keep her
      company. Tsveta, to her disappointment, slept through the whole

      This story was told to me with the deepest seriousness, and I was
      proud of myself that I kept a straight face throughout and managed
      to wait till the end of the story before exploding into laughter.
      Maria was understandably affronted at my laughter, and I heard no
      more about the aliens for quite a few weeks. Then one day she told
      me that she had solved the mystery of the alien visitations. The
      flashing lights, "shoop" noise and clinking bottles were apparently
      made by "one electric car which is delivering milk."

      Maria told me this story in the strictest confidence and I didn't
      tell anyone. Well... okay, I told Shankara and Dipika, but I swore
      them to silence. Unbeknownst to me, while I was telling them, Ongkar
      (who I thought was on the phone) was listening. Ongkar told
      Devashishu, Devashishu told Richard. When Richard came into Run &
      Become the next morning, he greeted Maria with, "So did the aliens
      bring your milk this morning? Ha ha. That's dead funny, that story,
      ha ha."

      To Maria's credit, she was quick to forgive me for my indiscretion,
      and now I figure enough people know the story that she won't mind if
      I post it on the Internet as well.