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8051Re: In praise of Dharmaja!

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  • anitabusic
    Sep 30 11:37 PM
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      I join in the praises of Dharmaja. For a simple reason, he was the
      only one who commented my message from Wednesday in which I said I
      was struggling to surrender. His sympathetic oneness warmed my
      heart. I truly felt I wasn't alone in the boat.

      I do like when people comment messages. One feels one has
      contributed and given something to others and it was received at
      least by someone. That is the purpose of this site anyway: to offer
      inspiration to others or to receive it.

      I conclude this message with a poem that inspired me this morning.

      "The human in me prays for God's Love.
      The divine in me prays for God's Victory."

      Why has this poetry-gem of Sri Chinmoy inspired me, is I believe
      self-evident. Any commentary would not suffice. So I leave it as it

      Praying for God's Victory,


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, rogerfromcardiff
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Dear Dharmaja,
      > I love your postings here and whenever I see your name I remember
      > first celebrations musical performance I was ever in - April 94
      > the time, and the group was.....Dharmaja's International Group!
      > As with the first time you see your master, he first time you
      > complete a marathon, and all those other firsts, the feeling of
      > first time you get to sing in a group at celebrations is
      > unforgettable.
      > The outer details are harder to recall; I think we sang Jibaner
      > and Sundara Madhumoy, while Fran (who was also in a group for the
      > first time) thinks we did Phule Phule. I also clearly remember
      > singing Diye Jai with you one time, but perhaps that was later?
      > all a haze in terms of the detail, but the memory of how it felt,
      > practising in the park and at sports day, singing in front of
      > Sri Chinmoy, all that is crystal clear.
      > I hope I thanked you at the time for bringing all those people
      > together from so many different countries in a single performance,
      > but thanks again anyway. Your guitar style is so nice to sing
      > subtle chord backing while at the same time picking out the melody
      > with strong rhythmic accents to help us all keep in time - superb.
      > I hope you're still picking that guitar!
      > Roger
      > Cardiff
      > Wales
      > UK
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