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  • sssssanjay
    Jun 4, 2003
      Very inspiring, Salil!
      Although, the experience I am about to relate is not nearly as powerful as yours, nor
      is really in the same context, it was one that gave me tremendous joy - and again, it
      was a one inspired by a suggestion of Sri Chinmoy's that I had not expected.

      Santosh and I were working on a project with the Indian Prime Minister's office while
      the PM was visiting New York. Sri Chinmoy really admired the Prime Minister and had
      written a song for him.

      Some of the PM's ministers thought that Sri Chinmoy should bring his students to
      perform for the PM. As the PM's schedule was very hectic, however, the PM's
      secertaries thought that scheduling a meeting would be very difficult - and indeed it
      proved so.

      Santosh and I spent a day meeting various Indian officials at their hotel in NYC, but in
      the end nothing could be scheduled until a later trip - the meeting during which
      proved very uplifting and inspiring for all involved.

      In any case, as Santosh and I had a mildly frustrating experience, although very much
      a learning one. Many people in the Indian PM's cabinet were highly enthusiastic and
      receptive. When we returned from the hotel, Sri Chinmoy told us to do something
      quite cute.

      Sri Chinmoy said with a big smile that Santosh and I should go to the Annam Brahma
      restaurant and eat "as much as we could". Now as everyone knows, stuffing one's self
      with good food is a delight and extremely satisfying experience.

      Santosh and I went to Annam Brahma. He eats like a bird and couldn't manage even
      his entree. I, however, enjoy eating and spent about 2 hours ordering meal after
      meal and a couple desserts until I could barely walk home.

      The meal took away all traces of frustration and failure, although, like I said, the
      experience of the PM although not successful was still a good one. I went home full
      of delight and satisfaction (and I think I fell asleep within about 20 seconds of
      arriving home).

      Sri Chinmoy's cute request had brought fulfilment.

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, salil_wilson <no_reply@y...>
      > During the Gold Coast portion of the 2002-2003 Christmas trip
      > Sri Chinmoy was fond of having afternoon meditation sessions.
      > Seated on one of his little vehicles he would drive laps around
      > our function room. As the room was quite small the course
      > would take him into the aisles between the seats. It was quite
      > unique to be sitting in meditation and for Sri Chinmoy, absolutely
      > still in lofty meditation, to be slowing passing close by at 45
      > second intervals.
      > These meditation sessions were a real favorite among Sri
      > Chinmoy's students. To make things even more special, you
      > were never exactly sure when, or if, Sri Chinmoy was going to
      > begin. However, once the meditation began the doors were
      > categorically closed. Some people would wait two hours only to
      > get locked out due to an untimely bathroom visit. While others
      > would just happen to show up in the nick of time. Mostly though,
      > if you genuinely wanted to be there you would be.
      > During the actual meditation Sri Chinmoy would drive a number
      > of different vehicles and alternate directions that he would travel
      > around the room. Sometimes you would have Sri Chinmoy
      > coming towards you for the entire length of the straight and other
      > times you would just see Sri Chinmoy's strong shoulders
      > retreating towards the end of the room. Another aspect of this
      > experience was that each little vehicle was powered by its own
      > particular electric motor which, in turn, had its own peculiar
      > pitched whirr. So as the vehicle varied so did the accompanying
      > sound track. My favorite was the big red one purchased in
      > Cairns that sounded to me exactly like Luke Skywalker's
      > personal transport machine in Star Wars episode four.
      > After one of these wonderful meditation sessions Sri Chinmoy
      > was heading towards the elevator. He saw a bunch of us boys,
      > looked at us pointedly and said, "What, no Frisbee?" Now
      > please understand that this is a fairly rare comment for Sri
      > Chinmoy to make and given the somber tone of the Gold Coast
      > visit it seemed somewhat incongruous. However, it was also
      > extremely welcome. What could a better thing to do after a
      > beautiful meditation than to run around on the beach with your
      > friends playing the great game of Ultimate Frisbee.
      > For the next 10 minutes I took it upon myself to tell every likely
      > candidate I could think of that Sri Chinmoy said we should go
      > and play Frisbee. While these may not have been Sri Chinmoy's
      > exact words I felt justified in capturing the spirit expressed.
      > Fifteen minutes later about twelve of us were fully immersed in
      > an intense battle of Frisbee down on the beach. As I remember,
      > our team won the first game so I was feeling absolutely
      > delighted. Unfortunately, things started to go horribly wrong in
      > the second game and the score line soon read 5 to 2 and in a
      > game which is most always played to seven this was indeed
      > very bad news for us.
      > Just as we were to begin the next point I saw Jogyata and Udar,
      > of the other team, running into the surf. Indignant, I thought this
      > is no time to be having a swim and how utterly inconsiderate and
      > disrespectful. Just as I was about to make some disparaging
      > remark about their behaviour it became apparent that something
      > more serious was a foot.
      > The next thing I saw was them carrying Kritartha out of the ocean
      > with quite a deep and nasty gash in his calf muscle. I ran back
      > to the hotel and got the van to take him to hospital. Maral, a
      > dentist, also happened to be in the lobby so I told him and he
      > went down to take a look.
      > By the time I got back to the beach the boys had Kritartha up near
      > the road and were bandaging his leg with a first aid kit procured
      > from a nearby apartment building. Maral's prognosis was that
      > he definitely needed stitches. We got Kritartha into the van and
      > drove about 10km to the hospital. Maral said he would inform Sri
      > Chinmoy.
      > After going through the usual bureaucratic maze of admitting
      > someone into Outpatients we got him into see a doctor. We left
      > Mukul with the doctor and Kritartha while Bakul, Harald and I
      > drove back to the hotel to get Kritartha's things and inform Sri
      > Chinmoy of proceedings.
      > Bakul went to get into Kritartha's room and I went into the
      > function room to explain the situation to Sri Chinmoy. This was
      > the first time I have ever given news like this to Sri Chinmoy and
      > it was fascinating to watch Sri Chinmoy's reaction. Sri Chinmoy
      > was very focused and with each nuance of the situation he would
      > take it in and meditate for a second or two.
      > The gist of the news was that injury happened while he was
      > surfing and it is fairly common. The cut was quite deep and there
      > may have been muscle damage. If there was muscle damage
      > they would then need to cut the leg further to enable them to have
      > room to stitch the inner muscle. Fortunately, this turned out not
      > to be the case and I am convinced it was due to the force Sri
      > Chinmoy put on the situation.
      > After I told Sri Chinmoy all the news he inquired, "Why were you
      > on the beach, were you surfing?"
      > "No," I replied, "We were playing Frisbee like you said
      > we
      > should."
      > Sri Chinmoy looked at me fixedly and with a twinkle in his eye
      > said, "See, sometimes the Supreme speaks to me. It would
      > have been much harder for him if you all had not been there."
      > I mumbled something in agreement while wondering if there
      > was ever a time when the Supreme actually didn't speak to Sri
      > Chinmoy. I personally don't think Sri Chinmoy utters a single
      > word or even thinks a single thought without it coming from the
      > Supreme.
      > On my way out of the function room I heard Sri Chinmoy very
      > lovingly reassure Akshaya, Kritarthar's wife, saying to her,
      > "Don't
      > worry, don't worry, don't worry. Everything will be
      > alright."
      > Harald, Bakul and I then headed back to the hospital and picked
      > up Mukul and Kritarthar who was by now all stitched up and
      > looking a lot better.
      > Kritarthar spent the rest of the trip on crutches but is now fully
      > healed and running again.
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