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  • nayak_ltp
    Jun 5, 2003
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      Salil, What an enjoyable story. Absorbing and inspring.

      Thank you very much.



      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, salil_wilson
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > During the Gold Coast portion of the 2002-2003 Christmas trip
      > Sri Chinmoy was fond of having afternoon meditation sessions.
      > Seated on one of his little vehicles he would drive laps around
      > our function room. As the room was quite small the course
      > would take him into the aisles between the seats. It was quite
      > unique to be sitting in meditation and for Sri Chinmoy, absolutely
      > still in lofty meditation, to be slowing passing close by at 45
      > second intervals.
      > These meditation sessions were a real favorite among Sri
      > Chinmoy's students. To make things even more special, you
      > were never exactly sure when, or if, Sri Chinmoy was going to
      > begin. However, once the meditation began the doors were
      > categorically closed. Some people would wait two hours only to
      > get locked out due to an untimely bathroom visit. While others
      > would just happen to show up in the nick of time. Mostly though,
      > if you genuinely wanted to be there you would be.
      > During the actual meditation Sri Chinmoy would drive a number
      > of different vehicles and alternate directions that he would travel
      > around the room. Sometimes you would have Sri Chinmoy
      > coming towards you for the entire length of the straight and other
      > times you would just see Sri Chinmoy's strong shoulders
      > retreating towards the end of the room. Another aspect of this
      > experience was that each little vehicle was powered by its own
      > particular electric motor which, in turn, had its own peculiar
      > pitched whirr. So as the vehicle varied so did the accompanying
      > sound track. My favorite was the big red one purchased in
      > Cairns that sounded to me exactly like Luke Skywalker's
      > personal transport machine in Star Wars episode four.
      > After one of these wonderful meditation sessions Sri Chinmoy
      > was heading towards the elevator. He saw a bunch of us boys,
      > looked at us pointedly and said, "What, no Frisbee?" Now
      > please understand that this is a fairly rare comment for Sri
      > Chinmoy to make and given the somber tone of the Gold Coast
      > visit it seemed somewhat incongruous. However, it was also
      > extremely welcome. What could a better thing to do after a
      > beautiful meditation than to run around on the beach with your
      > friends playing the great game of Ultimate Frisbee.
      > For the next 10 minutes I took it upon myself to tell every likely
      > candidate I could think of that Sri Chinmoy said we should go
      > and play Frisbee. While these may not have been Sri Chinmoy's
      > exact words I felt justified in capturing the spirit expressed.
      > Fifteen minutes later about twelve of us were fully immersed in
      > an intense battle of Frisbee down on the beach. As I remember,
      > our team won the first game so I was feeling absolutely
      > delighted. Unfortunately, things started to go horribly wrong in
      > the second game and the score line soon read 5 to 2 and in a
      > game which is most always played to seven this was indeed
      > very bad news for us.
      > Just as we were to begin the next point I saw Jogyata and Udar,
      > of the other team, running into the surf. Indignant, I thought
      > is no time to be having a swim and how utterly inconsiderate and
      > disrespectful. Just as I was about to make some disparaging
      > remark about their behaviour it became apparent that something
      > more serious was a foot.
      > The next thing I saw was them carrying Kritartha out of the ocean
      > with quite a deep and nasty gash in his calf muscle. I ran back
      > to the hotel and got the van to take him to hospital. Maral, a
      > dentist, also happened to be in the lobby so I told him and he
      > went down to take a look.
      > By the time I got back to the beach the boys had Kritartha up near
      > the road and were bandaging his leg with a first aid kit procured
      > from a nearby apartment building. Maral's prognosis was that
      > he definitely needed stitches. We got Kritartha into the van and
      > drove about 10km to the hospital. Maral said he would inform Sri
      > Chinmoy.
      > After going through the usual bureaucratic maze of admitting
      > someone into Outpatients we got him into see a doctor. We left
      > Mukul with the doctor and Kritartha while Bakul, Harald and I
      > drove back to the hotel to get Kritartha's things and inform Sri
      > Chinmoy of proceedings.
      > Bakul went to get into Kritartha's room and I went into the
      > function room to explain the situation to Sri Chinmoy. This was
      > the first time I have ever given news like this to Sri Chinmoy and
      > it was fascinating to watch Sri Chinmoy's reaction. Sri Chinmoy
      > was very focused and with each nuance of the situation he would
      > take it in and meditate for a second or two.
      > The gist of the news was that injury happened while he was
      > surfing and it is fairly common. The cut was quite deep and there
      > may have been muscle damage. If there was muscle damage
      > they would then need to cut the leg further to enable them to have
      > room to stitch the inner muscle. Fortunately, this turned out not
      > to be the case and I am convinced it was due to the force Sri
      > Chinmoy put on the situation.
      > After I told Sri Chinmoy all the news he inquired, "Why were you
      > on the beach, were you surfing?"
      > "No," I replied, "We were playing Frisbee like you said
      > we
      > should."
      > Sri Chinmoy looked at me fixedly and with a twinkle in his eye
      > said, "See, sometimes the Supreme speaks to me. It would
      > have been much harder for him if you all had not been there."
      > I mumbled something in agreement while wondering if there
      > was ever a time when the Supreme actually didn't speak to Sri
      > Chinmoy. I personally don't think Sri Chinmoy utters a single
      > word or even thinks a single thought without it coming from the
      > Supreme.
      > On my way out of the function room I heard Sri Chinmoy very
      > lovingly reassure Akshaya, Kritarthar's wife, saying to her,
      > "Don't
      > worry, don't worry, don't worry. Everything will be
      > alright."
      > Harald, Bakul and I then headed back to the hospital and picked
      > up Mukul and Kritarthar who was by now all stitched up and
      > looking a lot better.
      > Kritarthar spent the rest of the trip on crutches but is now fully
      > healed and running again.
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