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7434The importance of this site

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  • nayaknayaknayak
    Sep 18, 2004
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      This site is serving a very important purpose. Do you agree with me
      on this? This site is a tangible expression of our path to others
      and to ourselves. I am sure that there are many people reading these
      messages who are not yet participating. But, even if not one person
      is following this except us, we--each of us--is manifesting and
      strengthening our divine nature through our writings here. If a
      pianist practices and practices but never performs, there will be
      progress, but not as much progress as will come from a public
      performance. To make our consciousness outwardly manifest is a
      marvelous thing. The site does that for us. When we share with each
      other, express our sincere feelings for Sri Chinmoy, tell of our
      spiritual activities, our hopes, our dreams, well--to me that is
      like becoming real! When we "perform" (i.e., contribute) both the
      person posting and the readers get so much benefit from it.

      Contributing to this site is not just something random from an idle
      few minutes. Posting here is raising our own and others'
      consciousness considerably.

      That is my two cents.


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