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724Heidelberg Joy days - The Masters telephone call

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  • newinspiration2003
    Jun 1, 2003
      Recently over 600 students from many Europen countries met for
      Joy days in Heidelberg.
      The Highlight was Sri Chinmoy's telephone call to a very special
      place in Heidelberg. I can only say that this place is extremely,
      extremely beautiful...
      The masters call though was the real highlight. It lasted almost
      an hour and was just a continous blessing-love-wave. It was
      overwhelming and I think most of the students were in tears.
      Immortal feelings of love, oneness and deep serenity were permeating
      the rooms and students.
      First we sang all together the Invocation and it felt as Sri Chinmoy
      was tangibly singing through each of the students there present.
      It was so full, rich, powerful, yet soulful. The master himself
      said he was sheding endless tears of delight inside his heart while
      we were singing. He said that there were two things that will
      eternally remain of him on earth even if all the other things would
      disappear: his Invocation and his transcendental picture. We then sang
      a song Sri Chinmoy had composed for the occasion and Sri Chinmoy spoke
      about the significance of this place...