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  • lotika_rus
    Sep 13, 2004
      Dear Anubha,

      Congratulations! Congratulations from all your Russian friends! I've
      seen you getting the name, but did not know yet what it was. It is
      great that you posted here! Congratulations once again.


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, anubha2708
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > It was lunchtime Sunday, August 29, and I was sitting at the tennis
      > court trying to meditate. However, the thought of being picked up
      > within the half hour and whisked off to JFK airport for my 30 hour
      > journey home to Australia was making me somewhat restless.
      > The next thing I knew, Sri Chinmoy was calling for the "girl from
      > Canberra." Immediately most of us present assumed he wanted to offer
      > her her spiritual name. I looked and saw a number of Australians
      > busily searching for her. I wanted to help look for her, but found
      > myself unable to move. A few moments passed and next thing I knew
      > Guru was also calling for someone else. "Alright then, Fiona, Fiona,
      > Fiona" is what I remember hearing. (Guru also said something else
      > which I was unable to hear. If anyone else heard it, I'd be most
      > grateful to hear from them.)
      > There was no time for my mind to kick into action; my heart and soul
      > had heard the call. The rest I don't really know how to properly
      > explain. My heart-magnet was being pulled by the greatest
      > heart-magnet of all. I raced down the bleachers, across the court
      > and then directly into Guru's presence. There I sat in Heaven. For a
      > moment it seemed that everything I had ever known was spinning
      > turbo-charged inside my mind engine. Then... it all disappeared.
      > What remained was a silent, eternal moment with just me and my Guru.
      > After he passed me the envelope with my name in it, I got up from
      > the temple, walked across the court, and suddenly wondered where on
      > Earth I was going to go. My ride to the airport would soon be
      > arriving to pick me up, but what to do in the meantime? Just keep
      > walking was all I could think. Great, I made it to the gate. Now
      > what? "Just keep walking" was still the only thought that came.
      > Phew! I made it to the end of the driveway... So many little stages
      > it took until I found myself in a quiet little spot in Goosepond
      > Park.
      > Like others have recently mentioned, I too couldn't believe it when
      > I read my name. I fell straight into Heaven. I could never in a
      > million, billion lifetimes have imagined a name I would love so
      > immediately, completely and so much. I was very happy and grateful.
      > I started walking back to the tennis court thinking my ride would
      > have arrived. I looked up and saw my dearest, dearest sisters from
      > New Zealand had come looking for me. I felt like I was in some sort
      > of movie. Everything seemed in slow motion as we ran towards each
      > other. Sharing my name with them was so perfect. I felt completely
      > embraced by their warmth and caring. Chayanaka was also there. I
      > love her so much. She was jumping and screaming with so much joy
      > that I think I started jumping up and down with her.
      > I don't remember how, but somehow we made it back to the tennis
      > court. Then I got in the car and headed for the airport.
      > Love and gratitude for having such beautiful friends worldwide to
      > share my special moment with.
      > Oneness-joy to all our sisters and brothers who got their spiritual
      > names at these Celebrations, especially the Aussies, Jayita (Canberra),
      > and Rathin (Canberra) - Australia's 3100 mile super-champ.
      > Anubha (Adelaide)
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