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71124 hour race in Basel/Switzerland

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  • shashanka_karlen
    May 31 12:07 PM
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      We recently had our 15th Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 24 race in
      Basel. 99 runners came from 14 nations and about the same number of
      helpers joined from many European countries. Basel is always a great
      happening where the aspiration-efforts of the runners blend
      beautifully together with the service- smiles of the helpers and in
      the end it is one big family, happily celebrating the golden moment
      when the final signal-horn goes off to announce the end of the race.
      A 24 hour race is a long journey where the runner is taken to many
      experiences and feelings of joy, happiness, delight, fullfillment
      sometimes also pain, frustration, hardship. In any way it is a
      to oneself where you find out a lot about yourself, your limits, how
      to go beyond these limits and discover new horizons. The moment you
      reach the finish line is full of an indescribable satisfaction and
      fulfillment and the feelings can easily reach the heights of

      In Basel we try to create an ideal "surrounding" and support for
      hero-athletes with nice decoration of the track with flags, banners,
      ballons etc., different music-groups (some of them play for almost
      hours !), cheering groups, enthusiastic personal lap-counters and a
      huge buffet with all kinds of foods and drinks you can dream of.

      For many of the runners and helpers Basel has become a yearly
      pilgrimage where human effort, oneness and friendship are celebrated.

      Love Shashanka
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