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6577Re: My 47 Mile Experience

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  • hiddetangerman
    Sep 4 9:23 AM
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      Hail, hail, Lucian the Great!!!

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, lucianbalmer
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      > Upon my arrival in New York, I was having a little bit of trouble
      > with my legs. In June and July I was just winding down after the 6
      > day race, so I didn't get much training for the marathon. I did do a
      > lot of running (50 miles per week), at a slow 11 minute mile pace,
      > but I hadn't run under a 9 minute mile pace since April, not to
      > speak of my sub 8 minute marathon pace. At the very first 2 mile
      > race in New York, I ran 12:47 (a lesson to learn). So, my marathon
      > finished in 4:27, which I am extremely satisfied with.
      > But my other goal was to tackle the 47 mile race, which begins at
      > midnight of the 26th, or rather the very beginning of the 27th. Now,
      > with the 47 starting 36 hours after my marathon finish, I knew it
      > would be really difficult, especially being my first time. Actually,
      > I was not planning to finish. My goal was to make it to the starting
      > line. I was actually nervous, and I didn't remember being so nervous
      > before the start of a race since my first marathon. I took a deep
      > breath and said to myself "O Lord, you know what my training was
      > like. Allow me to do only as well as you see fit." Basically a
      > version of "You have the right to work, but not to the fruits
      > thereof." Okay, so the nervousness went away.
      > We all lined up at midnight, and sang Sri Chinmoy's most sacred
      > song, "The Invocation," followed by "Happy Birthday." And, we were
      > off to a start. The weather was mild, the track where we started was
      > lit up beautifully with candlelight, and musicians were posted at
      > different parts of the loop, feeding our hearts and minds with
      > inspiration.
      > Around the 15th lap (there are 40 laps for 47 miles), the lactic
      > acid was getting bad, and I slowed down considerably. On my 22nd
      > lap, I decided to walk the entire lap, and at that point I started
      > to think about when I was going to stop. Quite a few friends were
      > there to encourage me, but the right person at the right time made
      > the difference. I didn't even know that Ahelee was running the race,
      > but she caught up to me and we struck up a short conversation. After
      > getting inspiration from a fellow runner and walking the entire lap,
      > I convinced myself to go for the entire ten hours even if I didn't
      > finish.
      > Somewhere around lap 30 I was by myself, and I saw a bluish car
      > driving by slowly. I soon recognized it as Vinaya's car, and Sri
      > Chinmoy was the passenger. He looked at me, smiled, and waved his
      > hand, giving me a most wonderful blessing. Quite a few times I have
      > been receptive to Sri Chinmoy's blessings, while singing or after
      > singing, taking prasad (blessed food), or whenever. But, I had never
      > received so much during a run. A quick shiver ran down my spine. I
      > was full of energy, joy, enthusiasm, determination, and detachment.
      > Well, the last 10 laps were a breeze both physically and mentally
      > (smiling the whole time, you get the picture). Right before the last
      > lap, I took two big handfuls of cookies and crammed them in my
      > mouth, and I ran the last lap faster than any other.
      > After you finish 40 laps, you run 400 meters around the track
      > carrying a flag, or rather a victory-banner, signifying your
      > completion of the race. What divine victory and satisfaction I felt
      > holding that flag! I kept on saying to myself "Happy Birthday, Guru"
      > with utmost jubilance and an exploding enthusiasm within me. I
      > finished in 9:37. Before the race, Garima said to me, "I just can't
      > imagine Guru's Birthday without the 47." I fully concur. Offering
      > ourselves and all our capacity is the best way to celebrate Sri
      > Chinmoy's birthdays.
      > Lucian
      > San Francisco
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