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6452Chocolate and God-Realisation

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  • utsahi2002
    Sep 1, 2004
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      Hi everyone,

      These stories re: dark chocolate bring lots of joy. Thank you Morris
      for adding this fun note to the group.

      When I hear students of Sri Chinmoy telling jokes that give me joy,
      sometimes I write them down. It just happens that I have one on
      chocolate that I thought I would share with you. It comes from our
      dearest friend Shishir, one of the only people who, when he gets up
      to go to the microphone, makes our Guru laugh even before he says
      one word. So here is his quote:

      "The last thing to fall away before enlightenment is ... chocolate."

      I'm sure, with the info we now have, he means dark chocolate.

      I also have, by the way, another quote from Shishir:

      "Maybe I'm just wired differently."

      On this, I'm in a rush: I have to go buy chocolate, dark chocolate.

      Cheers everyone,
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