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6441Jharna Kala Food-Table

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  • padmasini23
    Sep 1 9:36 AM
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      I had a very interesting experience during these celebrations,
      replacing Usha at the food table. It is definitely quite a tough
      job, but it can be real fun. I am sure that we can improve it a lot
      by increasing the crew and getting new ideas. Give us your
      suggestions for: simple, good and fun things to serve [we have no
      kitchen, no cooking facilities], like drinks, sandwiches, sweets,
      etc. Also ideas to make it a place to get not only outer food but
      also a little inner food...

      And tell us if you want to share with us your self-giving and
      cheerful help and serve for a couple of hours! [We do appreciate a
      little experience in waitressing or cooking jobs.]

      Thanks and see you in April!
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