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6431Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence Marathon

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  • bha15257
    Sep 1 6:16 AM
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      [From Bhadra]

      The third annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence Marathon was held
      last Wednesday. I have a somewhat unique perspective on the race, as
      someone who didn't run, but walked one lap around the track in the
      opposite direction from the runners and so was able to see a vast
      slice of all the runners. I was really impressed by the fact that
      the marathon is perfectly named for the spirit in which all the
      runners participated in it. There were very fast runners, who were
      obviously trying to get their best possible time; competent runners,
      who looked as though they knew they would do quite well; terrible
      runners, for whom just trying to finish was obviously a major effort
      in which they might not be successful. There were two water-posts on
      the three-mile loop, and one of the water hander-outers was
      transcending herself, by yelling encouragement to the runners who
      passed her, as a group, every three or four minutes. She kept it up
      all the time that I was in the vicinity of that station (picking up
      empty plastic cups), and I had the impression that she was going to
      keep it up as long as there were any runners coming by. I was also
      blown away by the number of runners who slowed down in their run
      long enough to thank me for picking up cups!
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