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6211I sing, I smile

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  • putrima21
    Aug 18, 2004
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      One of my favorite poems from Sri Chinmoy's first writings is the
      poem "I sing, I smile" from the collection "My Flute":

      I Sing, I Smile

      I sing because You sing,
      I smile because You smile.
      Because You play on the flute
      I have become Your flute.
      You play in the depths of my heart.
      You are mine, I am Yours:
      This is my sole identification.
      In one Form
      You are my Mother and Father eternal,
      And Consciousness-moon, Consciousness-sun,

      When Sri Chinmoy recites his poems his voice goes right into my heart, and that is the best way for me to receive his light - through a poem. When I am tired from work in the evening or during the day, his poetry energizes me and I feel reborn. I am so happy, grateful and privileged as a simple human being to have access to the infinite source, to my Master.
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