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  • dharmaja
    Jul 19, 2004
      Dear Sumangali,

      You mentioned Sanjaya in your post. Would you please say hello to
      him for me? He is most dear to me.

      When I see him in New York, I always say,

      "Enjoying your visit to the colonies?"

      Dharmaja (m)
      San Diego, California


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, sumangali_m
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Here is some news of the latest French-British Joy-Weekend. It
      > took place in Lee Valley near Cheshunt, just north of London, and
      > a monumental 105 people attended! We took over an entire hostel
      > consisting of brand new purpose-built Swiss-style chalets on the
      > side of a lake. Oxford Centre did a fantastic job of organising
      > everything so efficiently, and made it an abundantly full, soul-
      > stirringly inspiring and fabulously fun time for all. Thanks again
      > for everything Oxford!
      > On Saturday night we had a meditation followed by each person
      > reading out one of Sri Chinmoy's aphorisms, then we all sang
      > together some of the Bengali songs that Sri Chinmoy composed
      > recently. After prasad, Sanjaya treated us to a video of Sri
      > Chinmoy's recent visit to Slovenia. I found it so overwhelming to
      > be in a room with so many from France, England, Ireland, Scotland
      > and Wales. It always feels so special when we can all get
      > together. I felt so proud of our Centres and how all the amazing
      > and beautiful qualities of each person come together in one place
      > to make such a divinely powerful family feeling.
      > In the morning we had a beautiful, peaceful hour-long meditation
      > incorporating performances from various singing groups. It was
      > such a luxury to have a place all to ourselves out in the country.
      > Somehow having that many people meditating in one room early in
      > the morning, and the peaceful surroundings, made such a tangible
      > stillness and timelessness. Add to that the soulful performances
      > of Sri Chinmoy's music ....et voila...Heaven!
      > Then there was a two-mile race through the woods surrounding the
      > lake. It was so encouraging to be in such a big race. As it was an
      > out-and-back course, and I was somewhere towards the back, I felt
      > the benefit of the faster runners speeding past me on the other
      > side of the path, which gave me extra inspiration! Everyone seemed
      > delighted when they finished, as practically everyone got a
      > personal best two- mile time. The glory only lasted a few seconds
      > until each person realised everyone was saying the same, so that
      > meant the course must be a little less than two miles! Still, that
      > moment of joy was nice while it lasted.
      > After a proper full English breakfast we had an auction to raise
      > money to support Abichal running the 3100 mile race. Sanjaya's
      > performance as auctioneer was most commendable - an experience not
      > to be missed! I think he missed his vocation! The whole thing was
      > so entertaining with Sanjaya talking nineteen to the dozen,
      > throwing in comments about the bidders and the items as he went
      > along. Richard F. starred as the porter, holding up the donated
      > items and trying to present them in an appealing way, but with
      > Sanjaya scolding him if he ran them down too much. What a
      > hilarious comedy double-act. It was also really touching to think
      > that the whole group was having so much fun while supporting our
      > heroic brother out there running 3100 miles!
      > Sanjaya then entertained us further with videos of Ashrita's
      > recent World Records - stomach crunches and hula-hooping. Also a
      > beautiful video of Sri Chinmoy talking fondly about Sudhahota Carl
      > Lewis.
      > Free-time came next, when we all did various things such as
      > walking to the historic Waltham Abbey, playing games (football as
      > usual in the men's case), and other fun things. Then there was a
      > short meditation followed by a bountiful and delicious lunch. In
      > the afternoon there were more games. The women had a gripping game
      > of giant Jenga. For anyone who is not familiar with it, there is a
      > tower of wooden blocks, and each person takes it in turn to remove
      > a block and place it on the top. The tower therefore gets higher
      > but less stable as the game goes on. There were many furrowed
      > brows and rounds of applause after each hair-raising turn! Luckily
      > no injuries were sustained by the participants or the
      > spectators.....
      > That's about it. The main thing was that we were all together,
      > which always gives us so much joy and inspiration. Thank you to
      > all my French, British and Irish brothers and sisters for being
      > there and for being so great and so awesomely inspiring!
      > Love from
      > Sumangali
      > :oD
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