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  • kamalakanta47
    Jun 8, 2004
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      Dear Gabor, although my running is pathetic right now, I still enjoy
      hills! I remember when I was a child, we used to visit our relatives
      in the countryside almost every weekend. One of my favorite things
      was to roam in the hills, enjoying Nature and all its little
      creatures (in Puerto Rico there are plenty of these. Trust me.)

      Today I was not feeeling too well. So I did my "short, inspiring,
      encouraging workout." There is s small hill nearby (on 148 St.) When
      I am not feeling well, or do not have much time for a workout, I jog
      there and do a few hill repeats. I find them energising. At the end
      of the workout, I can pat myself on the back and feel I am, after
      all, still a "runner."

      Yes sireee, nice and steep! Keep 'em coming! Or, as they say in
      Madrid, "Whatever works!"


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, gabor_sd
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > OK, let me start my message with a "nice" poem by Sri Chinmoy with
      > the word "steep":
      > Although the path
      > Is stony and steep,
      > At the end of the path
      > Our Lord Beloved Supreme
      > Is eagerly waiting for our arrival.
      > I can fully understand your opinion about steep hills; I felt the
      > same way a few years ago. I don't remember when and why I started
      > enjoying running on (steep) hills, but somehow it happened.
      > I think in my case the reason is not just "oh, it's a good training
      > for my legs and lungs"; it has more to do with spending more time
      > with nature, and enjoying it's beauty. And mountains are definitely
      > a good place for this. I always try to spend at least a few tranquil
      > minutes sitting on a comfortable rock and looking at a lovely
      > landscape.
      > Here are some examples why "steep" is at the same time "nice" for
      > me...
      > There is a steep mountain not far away, and many times I ran up to
      > the top early in the morning just to enjoy the sunrise from there.
      > True, it's not easy to run up there, but the scenery is rewarding.
      > The steep mountain M.Latinova wrote about is one of my favourite
      > places. Only up, up, up, not even 1 meter is flat! But it is so
      > unique and beautiful...there are boulders everywhere on the way to
      > the top, and when I have time, I can never resist climbing a couple
      > of them. It gives me so much joy!
      > I visited a particular national park a few times to climb boulders
      > and just to catch flies. Once I was there I wanted to go to the top
      > of a high mountain I read about. Well, the trail happened to be a
      > steep one. I didn't have too much time, so what could I do? I had to
      > run. But it's unimportant. The view on the top (and also on the way
      > to the top) was just breath-taking. The vegetation completely
      > changed on the way; sometimes there was also snow in the shady
      > areas. It was definitely worth it to run; the amazing landscape gave
      > me a lot of energy.
      > I also ran two hilly trail races; one of them is a 50K (see Atulya's
      > message #3366). There were some very steep hills, which were very
      > trying but at the same time the view was beautiful. I liked these
      > races and the "stony and steep" hills a lot.
      > Anyway, as you see I associate steep hills with nice places and nice
      > experiences. My vocabulary does not reach far enough to give a
      > proper description, but I hope I've given an impression of what I
      > mean.
      > I am sure we have here others too with "nice and steep" hill running
      > experiences.
      > Gabor
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