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  • heartflower27
    May 27, 2004
      Lyrics to The Word, by The Moody Blues (from the late 1960's):--

      This garden universe vibrates complete.
      Some may get a sound so sweet.
      Vibrations reach on up to become light,
      And then through gamma, out of sight.

      Between the eyes and ears there lie
      The sounds of colour and the light of a sigh.
      And to hear the sun, what a thing to believe,
      But it's all around if we could but perceive.

      To know ultra violet, infra-red and X-rays,
      Beauty to find in so many ways.

      Two notes of the chord, that's our full scope
      But to reach the chord is our life's hope
      And to name the chord is important to some
      So they give it a word, and the word is Om.

      * * * * * * *

      Long before I came to Sri Chinmoy's path (i.e. while I was still
      lost in the outer world), I was -- albeit with very little awareness
      -- seeking for some higher reality which would give meaning and
      purpose to my life. There were signposts along the way, but I didn't
      recognize them and/ or wasn't sufficiently ready to make changes in
      direction at that time.

      With what was called "cosmic consciousness" by some, the lyrics of
      British band The Moody Blues gave me a great deal of inspiration,
      although, at that time, I didn't fully appreciate why.

      Sri Chinmoy has spoken and written extensively on AUM, which he
      refers to as "the Mother of all mantras". In fact, doing a search at


      yields exactly and precisely 207 matches!

      Here is but one of the "hits":--

      Question: Would you explain what your chant means?

      Sri Chinmoy: I was chanting AUM. AUM is the Mother of all mantras.
      Mantra is a Sanskrit word. Its English equivalent is Incantation.
      Now, AUM has three sounds: A, U, M. "A" represents God, the Creator.
      "U" represents God, the Preserver. "M" represents God, the
      Transformer. So we invoke God in His three Aspects all at once when
      we chant AUM. I have written considerably on this subject. As a
      matter of fact, for the beginners I wrote a pamphlet entitled The
      Significance of AUM. The question that you have asked me has been
      asked quite a few times by other seekers, and I have answered them
      elaborately. I have told them how to chant AUM and how to derive the
      greatest benefit from chanting AUM. The most important thing is to
      know that AUM is the Mother of all our Sanskrit mantras. AUM has to
      be chanted first and foremost when we chant any mantra. It is from
      AUM that the Creation came into existence. Again, the Creation will
      find its ultimate Goal only in AUM.

      {Taken from: Earth's Cry Meets Heaven's Smile, Part 2}

      Space here does not permit including all of Sri Chinmoy's writings
      on AUM, so I would urge you to look at a few more for yourselves.
      Most importantly, _chant_ AUM: that "little" word does amazing

      P.S. One little "trick" I remember reading about a long time ago in
      Sri Chinmoy's writings is to hear the sound of AUM within a
      disturbing/ distracting noise when you are meditating; it sure helps