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3564Re: O My Lord of Beauty in Afrikaans Tamil and Telugu

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  • kamalika_gyorgyjakab
    Apr 6, 2004
      Hi Abhijatri and Prabhati,
      And Many Thanks (Dank U).

      One little technical request regarding the (potential) Tamil and
      Telugu translations:

      If you can manage to get it from New Zealand, pls try to have it in
      both printout and electronic format.

      And since these Dravidian languages use Kruti fonts, pls copy the
      fonts on a disquette or CD-ROM, along with the poem typed both in
      original fonts and in transcription (with Latin letters, English

      Oh well, I hope I am clear, so I need three (plus one) things
      (whenever it comes to Asian languages):

      I need the poem typed in original letters,

      also the poem transcribed in English

      and the fonts (so that I can open, copy and paste the original)

      and the fourth thing: I need a printout of the original-letters
      version, so that if there is any problem I can still scan it.

      And it would be important to have the translations proofread by
      another speaker of the same language. Many of you can expect me in
      New York to give you a little proofreading job, just in order to
      make sure I or any of the translators didn't make any typing error,
      :) I hope this will not complicate your life too much... :)

      We can always discuss the other details in New York. It's so
      exciting. My gratitude to all of you!


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, abhijatri_robinson
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Kamalika
      > Prabhati, from Cape Town South Africa, was inspired to translate the
      > poem into Afrikaans – she asked me to post it as she does not have
      > Internet access. She is a first language Afrikaans speaker and has
      > done an excellent job. What a great project this is. Also, I was
      > speaking to a student of Sri Chinmoy in New Zealand today who speaks
      > and writes both Telugu and Tamil. He may be able to do those two
      > languages.
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