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  • sunamitalim
    Apr 1, 2004
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      Dear Devaki,

      Your poem, 40 YEARS AGO, is a stirring tribute to Sri Chinmoy's
      Mission, even as your devotion moves me deeply. I came across this
      Q&A shortly after reading your poems:

      Q: What are the manifestations of devotion?

      A: The manifestations of devotion are simplicity, sincerity,
      spontaneity, beauty and purity. The manifestations of devotion are
      also one's intense, devoted feeling for the object of one's
      adoration and the feeling of one's consecrated oneness with the
      Inner Pilot.


      With Oneness-Love,

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, devakigroulx
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > This morning two poems 'came' to me and in the spirit of
      > sharing inspiration, I'd like to offer them here. One is funny and
      > one is serious. If Panorama is still accepting poems, I'd be
      > happy to put them there, now or later edition. Thanks. Devaki
      > (Note- Montreal has 6 months of long, hard, cold winter with lots
      > and lots of snow.)
      > SPRING!!
      > Spring has finally sprung
      > and in the freezing north
      > there's much to be sung
      > for winters here are not any fun!
      > Thank God for the sun,
      > not only in the sky, but in my heart and eye.
      > As the sun melts the snow
      > and the seeds start to grow
      > my inner light flows.
      > As the sun warms the earth, I feel MY re-birth.
      > As the birds start to sing
      > my inner bell rings
      > "Wake up you sleepy-head.
      > What are you -dead?"
      > As the flowers stretch and yawn
      > and a little green shows on the lawn
      > I think there's hope for me yet
      > Ah spring-a new dawn!
      > 40 YEARS AGO
      > 40 years ago this spring
      > Occurred a most amazing thing
      > A young man from a far-off place
      > Came to America, a new life to face
      > With God in his heart,
      > He felt he had to do his part
      > To help the world to 'see'
      > To set some inner spirits free
      > To guide those in need
      > And hungry seekers feed
      > With only faith to guide him
      > His inner Light inside him
      > He began to spread his Light
      > He taught what was right
      > And how to fight with all one's might
      > Aginst the forces of ignorance-night
      > Now it's been 40 years
      > And many smiles and tears
      > He's inspired Truth, Peace and Light
      > And not to give up the fight
      > To make the world a better place
      > To always show one's very best face
      > To never give up the inner race
      > To know and feel God's living Grace
      > We thank him for coming, for sharing his Vision
      > We thank the Supreme
      > For that special 'decision'
      > To send him to us who needed him so
      > We thank him for coming
      > 40 years ago!
      > Love and gratitude to Guru and to all his World-wide children
      > who are keeping his Vision and inspiration flowing. Devaki
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