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26181Further Recollections: The Invocation and the Transcendental

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  • mahiruha_27
    Jun 27, 2014

      I remember, in New York, when Sri Chinmoy would have us sing the Invocation, he would walk around the room with his hands folded over his stomach in a gesture of deepest homage and gratitude. At one point, I think in 1997, he said that when we sing the Invocation, "I am here," and he raised his hand, "then I am here, I am here, I am here," and he raised his hand higher and higher to indicate the state of consciousness he goes into when we sing his sacred Invocation. He concluded his remarks by saying that he insults us every day, so that once in a while he can say something nice about us!


      On various occasions he said that the Invocation and the Transcendental are what he is leaving behind for humanity. These two treasures of his, he made clear, will be absolutely immortal and will be cherished and lovingly used by humanity forever. At one point he became very strict with us and told us that we must sing the Invocation at least once a day before 10 am. and that if we do not do this then we should consider ourselves to be our own disciples and not his disciples. I also remember him telling the guards to fold their hands when the Invocation is being sung, even if they are standing duty outside of Aspiration-Ground proper.


      Once Guru visited one of our New York disciple-run shops. He saw that the Transcendental had been placed on the back wall, beneath some other photographs of the Master. Guru became very displeased. He asked the owner and also the manager how long they have been disciples. He also said that the Transcendental and the Invocation are what he is leaving behind. He said the Transcendental would serve as the link between heaven and earth for centuries. Needless to say, the owner immediately installed the Transcendental in a new location, above all the other photographs.


      I like what Guru said about a particular New York actress that he lifted many years ago. He said that her soul shed tears of delight the moment she arrived at Aspiration-Ground. Also, during the course of their conversation she revealed to Guru that she had seen his Transcendental photograph many years ago, and that the picture had haunted her ever since. After lifting her, Guru told one of his attendants that she was the most receptive person he had ever lifted. You can see that in the photograph of the lift; she is obviously in trance.

      I don't know where Guru is in the Transcendental consciousness. It is something I cannot begin to fathom even after years of adoring it and meditating it. Interestingly enough, Guru once said that his best disciple was somebody in a foreign country whom he had not yet met, but who meditated on his Transcendental with tremendous intensity.


      Thank you, Guru, for leaving behind so much of your living breath on earth. I can only wonder at the flow of your spiritual gifts in reverent silence.