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26174Guru in Krishna Consciousness

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  • mahiruha_27
    Jun 17, 2014
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      I understand that Guru once handed out a special photograph to all the people involved in Vasudeva Server.  The photograph was taken many years ago while Guru was on a boat ride around the statue of liberty.  Vasudeva of course refers to Sri Krishna and Guru said that at that moment, when the photograph was taken, he was in Krishna consciousness.  Guru said once that spiritual Masters of a certain order embody the consciousness, light and wisdom of the Masters who preceded them.  Therefore, Guru has access to the divinity of the greater than the greatest Masters of the past, like the Lord Krishna, the Savior Christ and others.  I enjoy this photograph very much.  From the photograph I can deduce that the Krishna consciousness is supremely regal, and flooded with poise.


      Interestingly, in the summer of 2007, I was walking from the old Greek deli on Parsons and 84th avenue, heading in the direction of 164th street.  It was early in the afternoon.  At that moment, Pulak's car passed by, and I saw Guru in the passenger seat, and he had the exact same expression and demeanor as in the "Vasudeva Server" photograph.  He was absolutely radiating Krishna consciousness.  I even saw or felt a deep blue light around the car.


      To this day, I wonder at the concept of my friend Pulak driving this elderly Bengali man around the not-very-heavenly streets of Queens, while this physically old man could not care less, being in full and complete communion with Krishna consciousness.  Certainly that is a sight I do not expect to see again.



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