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  • patanga_cordeiro
    May 19, 2014
      Hi Mahiruha and friends!

      Nice story! It is so nice if we can experience oneness with incidents from our Guru´s life, isn´t it? (As in your story of washing dishes despite the "alligator rodeo" bachelor in english)

      I have a short one, too. A week ago I was cycling when a car came out of the corner and hit me on the front-right corner. It was low speed, but I fell on the ground, were the asphalt was removed for renewal and was like a coarse sandpaper.

      I got up and I didn´t feel anything wrong at all. So I started looking at myself, because at least I should be quite scratched from a fall onto such coarse surface. But nothing happened, not even a small scratch! Even the driver was so nice and took my bicycle for a quick repair. This reminded me of Guru´s cycling falls experiences.

      (meditation advertisement: I always remember to meditate before leaving home and also before starting to cycle :)

      Guru had these well-known experiences in the Ashram:

      “One day: a young man was going to the playground on his bicycle with three or four friends. His balls were tied up in a net. All of a sudden the net got caught in the spokes of his cycle, and then his right foot also got caught. He did a somersault in the air and fell to the ground. From at least seven shops on each side of the street, people came running. They thought the young man would be seriously injured, if not dead. But he just picked himself up off the ground and smiled at them. As he fell, he had seen three big pillows in front of him and a divine being smiling at him. Of course, he had landed on these pillows, so they did not find any bruises on him, just a little dust. His neck and head were completely all right. Only his bicycle was shattered and had to be left there.

      “Another time while riding his bicycle, this young men fell into a large hole. As he fell he saw a circle of divine light. In the circle in Bengali was written, ‘Ma’, which means ‘Mother’. Again his bicycle was totally smashed but absolutely nothing happened to the youth."

      Divine Protection Saves | Sri Chinmoy Library
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