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26152A dishwashing parable

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  • mahiruha_27
    May 15 8:21 PM

      Quite often during celebrations there was the opportunity for disciples to speak at the microphone to share inspiring news from around the world. On one occasion a young disciple spoke about how before celebrations they had lost a prestigious job and had to take a job as a cleaner to earn money. The person in question was upset because they felt it was humiliating to have to do a menial cleaning job.

      Guru did not appreciate this!

      Although I cannot remember the exact words, Guru said that if doing humble work is a problem for disciples then their days on the path are numbered.

      Guru often mentioned how he had a job at the ashram of washing dishes for many years, - a simple job that he enjoyed doing.

      “I had had at least ten different jobs at different times, and the best job, according to me, was to wash the dishes. We were only four or five boys, and two thousand people used to eat. It used to take us three hours, but we got the greatest joy. There were no mental problems at all — we just had to wash the dishes.


      Guru was right.  The person in question did not remain on the path.

      Heck, I’ve got a Bachelors in English from a prestigious University (The Everglades Alligator Rodeo Institute) but I’ve been washing dishes for longer than a Redwoods got moss!



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