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26111RE: OT Red on Yellow

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  • patanga_cordeiro
    Mar 10, 2014

      I love this kind of humour! I think I am going to print "the games" out and put it somewhere visible. The "snake tag" I liked the most. I even started to imagine more "games".

      By the way, there is a story from the Mahabharata where Bhima - the second mightiest Pandava warrior around, who used to kill giant rakshasas in wrestling and could uproot trees to fight with - was caught by a constrictor snake. (Maybe he was doing the "snake tag" game...)

      He asked the snake - how was it possible that he was caught by a mere (giant) snake? The snake replied he was a king cursed to be a snake because he mistreated spiritual people, but he got a small boon that every sixth attempt to catch a prey would be successful, no matter what.

      Bhima happened to be a sixth attempt. He survived nevertheless!

      - Patanga
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