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26108It Is All Within Us Playing

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  • utpalmarshall
    Mar 6, 2014

       His instrument rests gently on his knee.  His right hand confidently plucks the taut steel strings.  The fingers of his left hand dance rhythmically up and down the fret board releasing a cascade of beautiful notes.

      There seems to be nothing separating the musician from the instrument he is playing upon.  They are one.  His eyes closed he plays a song that seems to come not just from months and years of practice.  But instead originates from a far deeper source.  Of course Vijay can look back and see a long musical family tradition.   He is after all the 6th generation to grow up where playing and hearing classical Indian music was as natural as drinking water.


      Yet as I sit near his feet, on a hot afternoon in Thailand,  his audience of one.   I cannot see that great lineage that stretches out behind him.  All I can only hear is what is pouring out from his heart right now. What is undeniably clear, even to my own untrained ears, is that I am listening to a master musician.  One who is sitting upon the ground in front of me while simultaneously reaching out to the celestial realms beyond.  This, the very  essence of who Vijay Shankar Mishra is.

      The above link takes you to a recent story on Vijay.

      Much thanks