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26098RE: Devashishu in Zurich (Revised Version)

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  • doris.cott
    Feb 28, 2014

      The day before his lecture Devashishu was invited to the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Zurich to tell stories, which came as a joyful surprise to me, having not been able to attend the Joyday in Heidelberg the weekend before. On my way home after our regular Sunday meditation, someone told me about what she remembered from an interview that Devashishu gave for disciples on that Joyday.


      He spoke about Guru’s visit to King’s College, university of Cambridge, in 2003. As one of those who escorted Guru, he remembered how moved Guru was when he visited Sri Aurobindo’s study room. At home I was inspired to have a look at the photographs in the second part of the book "The Mind Loves The Heart, The Mind Becomes The Heart" that were published in honor of Guru’s visit.  It was really moving what Guru later said :


      « How could I dare to sit in the room where my Master had studied? I was trembling with delight in that room. My eyes were flooded with tears and my heart was swimming in the sea of delight; my heart was throbbing.“


      I was looking forward to listen to more stories from someone who had often been in the physical presence of our master since he was a child. As a matter of fact his whole family are disciples since the early 80ties. We know his father, Kaivalya, as the sculptor who crafted one of Guru’s statues, his brother, Sahadeva, is an excellent actor. His mother, Bhavani, organised the historical meeting of Sri Chinmoy with Diana, princess of Wales in 1997. I did not know Bhavani well, but during our meeting on last Monday, Devashishu spoke so nicely of her.


      When I entered the meditation room there were only a few people present but slowly more disciples streamed in and when we started the meditation we were about thirty people...


       An hour later, instead of beginning to tell stories Devashishu said, „You have to ask me questions.“ Nobody was prepared but a few questions were asked and as we know him he lived up to his name and answered them extensively, spontaneous, cheerful and with a warm, almost singing voice. The topics ranged from childhood experiences with the master, over his adolescence years, to a variety of questions about acting, famous actors and actresses Guru met or not met. He also spoke about the time of Guru's passing and how strongly he would feel his inner presence.


      Time had passed quickly and at the end of the meeting one could experience a Devashishu, that at least I have not experienced before. He humbly and gratefully talked about the master’s unconditional love.


      For someone who hasn’t travelled much for the last two years, due to illness, Devashishu’s visit was like a fresh breeze that swept over my day-to-day life.



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