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26026First International Workshop & Joy Days in Buenos Aires

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  • suchana27
    Nov 25, 2013
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      This last weekend we had our Brazilian sisters here for the first time.
      Laksita, Bhumika and Aparanji offered Guru´s soulful songs with their beautiful voices, harmonium and bells.

      Our last workshop of this year took place at the same hotel where Maestro Sri Chinmoy stayed in December 1986 on occasion of a Christmas. Trip and Peace Concert.
      It was also the first large exhibit of Jharna-Kala paintings on World-Harmony, Nature, Compassion, Happiness, Plant a Tree and other progressive qualities.

      Seekers were delighted at this presentation and took away some inspiring souvenirs with them. We hope that they will be inspired by the experiences of our spiritual life.

      We are also very grateful to our sisters for having the courage and inspiration of coming to the adventure of this crowded city and offering their oneness-hearts in such a special way.
      These four Joy Days are still alive in our hearts!
      In oneness and gratitude,

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