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26025Last big Joy-Day in Germany for this year

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  • kedarvideo
    Nov 24, 2013
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      This weekend students of Sri Chinmoy met near Heidelberg for a very inspirational Joy-Day, including plays, musical performances, recitations and videos. We learned about the Peace Run in Africa, the recent Songs of the Soul Tour and an upcoming inauguration of a new life-size statue of Sri Chinmoy in Portugal. The level of the performances seems to get higher and higher. Tulasi and Antaranga were acting as MC's and Purnahuti from Guatemala was special guest. As Antaranga's interview partner he also revealed many of his amazing stories how he was prepared by his Guru to become his student and how he first met the master during a Peace Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London. On Sunday we also watched the new film by Brian McGinn on Ashrita, entitled "The Record Braker". This film that is available on vimeo:


      has already been viewed by almost 300,000 people within 2 weeks and won several awards of film festivals.