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Spiritual experiences

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      As someone who lived very close in the Master's physical proximity, I knew Sri Chinmoy very well, and saw him at least twice a week for years and years.  But I hardly ever spoke with him.  I did not have the kind of close, intimate relationship that some other people had on the outer plane.  Of course,  by meditating with him so many times, I had the most important connection one can have with any Master, and that is a meeting of minds and of souls.  Guru says that this very mixing of consciousness is the essence of meditation.  In other words, the Master doesn't have to give outer instructions on how to meditate.  You simply sit in front of the Master, and the Master's silent gaze teaches you the ins and outs of meditation.  Your soul enters into his soul and learns how proper meditation is done.


      To be honest, I am a little bit embarrassed to be using loaded terms like "soul" because what do I know about the soul?  I am just a beginner in the spiritual life; even after twenty years of meditation, I am still just at the very early stages of spiritual self-discovery.  But I can claim that, at times, I have felt deep joy and purity, and so those few experiences make me feel that the soul exists.  Sometimes I just like repeating the word "soul" many, many times.  I feel a deep thrill when I say that word with a prayerful attitude.


      When I sat in class, listening to my philosophy professor lecture, I felt all my cares and worries wash away from me in a torrent of light and peace.  Dominick really had something.  I once showed Guru a poem I had written about this man, and Guru told me that my experiences with him were absolutely real.


      When I sat in Guru's presence, the experience of light and joy was infinitely, infinitely more palpable and capacious.  I am not putting Dominick down, of course!  How many people after all, radiate light and joy in a way that irreverent, arrogant college freshmen like me could actually feel?


      I came to the spiritual path out of sheer luck, or maybe sheer grace.  I had some inner experiences of these subtle, mysterious realities, and those experiences made me hungry to learn more about the spiritual life and the nature of God.  But if those realities had never tapped me on the shoulder and said, "hey, dummy!  We're here!  Higher light is real!" then I wouldn't have seen anything unusual or special either in Dominick or in Sri Chinmoy.  People need some kind of preparation before they can recognize real spiritual figures.  The name of that preparation is sheer, unconditional Grace.


      These posts and recollections are just my way of saying "thank you" to that Grace that, by some combination of miracles, raised me from a state of awkward and confused brokenness to one of peace, joy, confidence and satisfaction.  I am not what I was.  By praying and meditating I have found out that my possibilities and hopes are unlimited in all directions.  A greater gift than that I cannot imagine.



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