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25965Recollections on Sri Chinmoy: Guru's remembrances of his disciples

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  • mahiruha_27
    Sep 23, 2013

      In the spring of 2006, Guru was talking about one of the first countries in which he had established a spiritual Centre.  Virtually none of the people who started out in that Centre are still disciples.  They have mostly left.  Guru said that he calls these people, with utmost affection, his retarded children.  He also said that, although they are no longer in the Centre, they still love him, they still think of him.  He said that he still loves them and still thinks of them, too.  Guru also said that while some may criticize their slow pace in the spiritual life, to him their speed reminds him of his Mother India. He said they are taking their own time along Eternity’s Road.

      At one point he said, “They loved me.  They love me.  I loved them.  I love them.”


      He also said that one of his disciples at that time, a young woman, looked exactly like the soul of India.  He said that a few days ago, that her soul had come to him, even though she had not been his disciple, outwardly, for decades.  Her soul said to him, “Guru, help me!  Guru, help me!”


      He got in touch with one of his current disciples in that country and asked about that woman, and she told him that this lady had just passed away.  Her soul obviously still valued and treasured Guru and came to him at the last moment.

      Guru’s oneness-heart and his compassion last forever.