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25962Recollections on Sri Chinmoy: A Jharna-Kala Celebration

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  • mahiruha_27
    Sep 22, 2013
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      I remember a special function Guru held in November of 1997 to commemorate the anniversary of his Jharna Kala, or Fountain-Art, paintings.  I think it was one of the last functions we held at Perfection-Surprise (a special meeting place reserved for highly significant spiritual functions). The male singing groups sang many, many of Guru’s beautiful songs dedicated to his spiritual paintings.  It was very special.  I hope a recording is somewhere available.  After they had finished, Guru praised them to the skies, describing in glowing terms their beautiful voices.  He was so happy.  I believe he even gave them special prasad.


      I remember Guru walked past where I was sitting.  Some of his attendants were walking a few paces behind him.  When I looked at Guru’s face, I saw the same expression that I described in an earlier post.  It was an expression of absolute tranquility, happiness and satisfaction.  I felt at that moment that he could be placed in the middle of the Sahara Desert or at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and he would still maintain that same posture of quiet stillness and unshakeable joy.  It seemed that he lived on joy itself, deriving it from some remote source.


      Later in the evening, he spoke to some of his brand-new disciples from Puerto Rico.  He told them that this yoga, his yoga, is the yoga of the heart, and not Kundalini yoga.  He explained to them what he expects from his disciples and I think he meditated on each of them briefly.


      That function was one of the first times I took prasad from Guru as a disciple.  I had taken prasad often from him as a seeker on the Friday night meditations, but this was my first time as a new disciple.  When I took the prasad from him, I noticed he did not smile at me, but he did look at me.  I was thrilled to finally take prasad from someone I could call my spiritual Master.


      It was a beautiful, uplifting evening, a night I will never forget.