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25961Joyday in Underwater, Switzerland

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  • doris.cott
    Sep 22, 2013

      Joyday in Underwater


      Yes, that's a funny name for a place! We have been there before so I knew of the beautiful surroundings, which made us start the journey a little earlier, only a one hour car drive from Zurich, to go for a walk in the near mountains. The weather was brilliant, a perfect autumn day: a little windy but not cold, the sun not too high, a silent afternoon and the joy of being carefree. As it had been raining a few days before, the valleys and the mountain terraces shone greener than the greenest – just wonderful like a large living Jharna Kala! In the far distant the famous Zäntis mantled in clouds, bits of snow seemingly within one's reach the moment you blink your eyes.  When you turn around snappy mountain-tops that have names I don't remember, stand proud and stony above all else. The vastness makes one breathe deeper.


      We didn't have a plan in mind but just walked to the nearby well-known Thur Waterfalls. After a few hundred meters uphill one can already hear the roaring waters. Jackets will be put on, sunglasses down, hats pulled deeper into the face – it's chilly here, the air drenched and the thunder of water falling down in masses can be heard clearly. Just two or three more bends uphill and we stop in awe of what we see. What we know as blue from the distance has become all white and foamy spreading around untamed – brash enjoyment, yet not a place I like to spend too much time…what a power in what a stony grove!


      Walking on and up to be greeted by more sunshine and a mild breeze, a childlike consciousness wins against all common sense. Not caring for any necessary sun protection, only being reminded of the freedom of birds and the desire to fly, I was reminded of Guru's song "Like A Bird I Wish To Fly." But Mother Earth means well and we marvel at the large fields of autumn saffron that simply invites you to become poetic. I will leave it by just smilingly thinking of Spring – a joke?


      Now, I actually wanted to share some highlights from the Joyday program…


      After two hours of enjoying Mother Nature we returned to the meeting place that was bustling with activities. Some were decorating the stage, others were diligently cooking a meal for dinner. Again others were preparing tables for a side show. One may forgive me that I was not involved in the activities at all. At the moment I am learning *not* to involve myself in anything. Having been working physically hard for many, many years I am struggling with health issues. Not an easy task. J


      It would take me hours to retell and comment on all the funny and soulful performances, so I may share only a few here, of which is said they might not be known at all. They were also played very well, I don't remember when I have been laughing so heartily. To laugh is medicine indeed.


      When Guru visited Zurich in 2002 many disciples had come from abroad. Among many two boys, one from Moscow, the other from Bratislava had come. They intended to go for a frisbee match in Guru's hotel and studied the city map of Zurich to find the place. They found it, but alas, their command of English was so limited that they thought the name of the hotel Guru stayed in was "Lobby." They made sure not to forget the hotel name when suddenly Guru stood almost right in front of them. They both bowed to Guru with folded hands and Guru asked them the way to his hotel. They eagerly told Guru that they would know and so Guru asked them to take Him there. More than eager they called for a taxi. But when one of the boys got into it to give the driver the address, he started driving away so the second boy had to chase the taxi. At the red stop lights he caught up with the taxi, indeed, totally out of breath and told the taxi driver to take Guru for God's sake to the hotel. Guru sitting and waiting on some bench. After he had entered the car the two boys stood at the sidewalk with folded hands. Guru asked them where they want to go and they told him, "Guru, to your hotel "Lobby".  Meanwhile Guru somehow remembered the name of the hotel and invited the boys into the taxi. Humbly they were sitting in the back row. Then he asked the boys their profession. They both were students. Then Guru said, "It was God's Will that we are united together."


      The second story was about how Vinaya became Guru's disciple in the Seventies, but this is retold only from my memory. Vinaya was about to leave New York, to find spiritual happiness somewhere else, when a friend told him to call a certain number to find out about a great spiritual master. He did call this number but the phone was not answered. He tried a few times but nothing happened. Then he said to himself that he would try only one more time. If nobody would answer the phone he would definitely leave New York. This time somebody took the phone and  so he became Guru's disciple. Thirty years later Vinaya was driving Guru around when Guru asked him how he became his disciple. He told Guru the story. Then Guru replied, "It was the soul of the house that took the phone." 


      The third story was about Savyasachi's strictness with regards to Guru's diat. One day Guru asked a disciple who was busy with something in his house, "Can you see Savyasachi's car in front of the house?" The disciple walked to the window and said, "No, Guru." Guru inquired further, "Can you check whether his shoes are downstairs?" The answer, "No, Guru." Guru: "Then go and get me a pizza."


      An absolutely funny and perfectly improvised play was performed by Pramodan and Dinesh. The story was based on one of Guru's stories, but don't ask me the title. It was all about a poor couple that had to defend their dinner from a village's mayor by wisely jerking him around. You should really have seen Pramodan's costume playing the wife. A light blue scarf put on his head served as long hear and two white socks became the ribbons that dangled from right to left with his every movements. I can only hope that they will replay it again in New York or at the Christmas trip.


      Another highlight was a musical quiz. Adesh was playing some of Guru's songs using a raga. We had to guess what song he had chosen. Out of five or six songs only one I was able to discover.


      After midnight we happily made our way home by car.





















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