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  • vasanti_hd
    Sep 13, 2013
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      I will - thanks for sharing, Doris! And all the best for your health.

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      Recently I chose a therapist to help me cure some physical ailment. She is very nice and I was able to talk about our spiritual master without mentioning his name. I thought of giving her the book "The Wings Of Joy" to read. But each time I went to see her I either forgot to give it to her or there wasn't enough time to introduce the book and the author. 

      Last week, before we parted I awkwardly fished it out of my bag and gave it to her, saying it was a gift. When she saw the title she exclaimed with joy: "Ah, Sri Chinmoy! I know him." Then she politely corrected her enthusiastic outburst and said calmly, "Well, I don't know him, but I often saw posters and wanted to attend his concerts, but somehow I didn't find the time. My business-schedule is quite tide." And she added, "I am often on business in Heidelberg, Germany, and love to eat in the restaurant that is run by students of Sri Chinmoy. The food is very, very good."

      For a moment there was this bubbly happiness between the two of us. I finally said to her, "See, there is no such thing as coincidence." She smilingly commented on the word "coincidence", analysing it's meaning and then we parted.


      P.S. Vasanti, in case you are reading, please be so kind and tell the boys who are  running the restaurant about a happy German customer who lives in Switzerland.
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