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25948Recollections on Sri Chinmoy: Guru and his newer students

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  • mahiruha_27
    Sep 6, 2013
      I remember in 2005 a very nice middle-aged man joined our path. I will call him Jim (not his real name). He lived in Staten Island and made the long two hour commute to come and meditate with the Master twice a week. One day, he attended a seeker meditation and happened to go up on stage with the seekers. After the public part of the function was over, and the seekers had left, Guru called this man up and scolded him with utmost affection: "You are my disciple, you are my very good disciple, why do you come up with the seekers? You are my disciple, you don't have to meditate with the seekers."

      On another occasion, Guru was giving out prasad, maybe after a Wednesday night function. When it was Jim's turn, he knelt in front of the Master, and Guru said to him, "I am seeing flames, flames, nothing but climbing flames." I think Guru was referring to Jim's aspiration.

      Then, out of the blue, Guru asked Jim if he had anything to show him, and Jim took out from his pocket an old photograph of Nadeshwar massaging Guru. Nadeshwar, who has now passed on, was an old-time and much-beloved Puerto Rican disciple. Jim is a self-described "New Yorican", a New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent who speaks Spanish.

      Guru saw the photograph and said, "I can tell you so many stories about this boy!"

      Apparently, Jim came into contact with the Centre many years ago and somebody gave him this famous photograph of Nadeshwar working on Guru, and that night he just decided to bring that photograph to the meditation. He had not told Guru before hand that he had brought that photograph, and he kept it in his pocket, so there was no outer way that Guru could have known he had it.

      Guru seemed very pleased. Jim also was smiling from ear to ear when he showed Guru the photograph. I wish a picture had been taken of that moment- the disciple's inspiration meets the Master's sublime intuition.