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25944Recollections On Sri Chinmoy: Oneness

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  • mahiruha_27
    Sep 1, 2013
      I remember a special moment during an evening function in the summer of 2005. Sri Chinmoy was singing the praises of a particular student of his who had arranged for the Master to meet and honour some important peace activists and humanitarians. This individual actually had a degree in medicine, but had never practiced, preferring to spend his talent and energy on spirituality. Sri Chinmoy mentioned how he moved he was by this man's deep concern for his spiritual manifestation. He said his service was truly exceptional and unique.

      Then, the Master turned to one of his students who was massaging his feet, and asked him, "Are you jealous?" with utmost affection.

      His student smiled and said, "No, Guru!"

      Guru asked again, once again with tremendous concern, "You're not jealous?"

      The young man said he wasn't.

      I found that exchange very interesting. On the one hand, the Master was appreciating this one individual's selfless service and extolling him to the skies. Of course, Guru was completely sincere. This man's work ethic, dedication and concern are extraordinary, to put it mildly. But after he had praised him so highly, he asked one of his dearest disciples, who was massaging him, if his remarks had made him jealous. It was as if he valued the spiritual progress of his dear disciples more than any outer achievement. Had this boy become jealous, that would have delayed his spiritual progress. To Sri Chinmoy, helping just one of his disciples to remain ensconced in a good consciousness for even a single minute longer, was just as important as meeting with and inspiring great world leaders. Such oneness! I cannot fathom it, I do not understand it, and perhaps will never understand it.