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25943God's Birthday - A Poem by me

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  • doris.cott
    Sep 1, 2013
      My Lord Supreme,

      Your life is birthless and deathless,

      Your life is beginningless and endless,

      So say the ancient and modern scriptures.

      How can I celebrate Your Birthday?

      Gold and silver are Your own Creations,

      Flowers and trees are Your own Creations,

      Night and day are Your own Creations,

      Sun, moon and stars are Your own Creations,

      The sky and the earth are Your own Creations.

      How can I celebrate Your Birthday?

      With a bowed head.


      Because You shower all Your blessing-gifts on me,

      Especially Your Smile-Beauty.

      How can I celebrate Your Birthday?

      Through all the birthdays 

      Of all aspiring human beings

      Here on earth. -Doris