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25925Re: Recollections on Sri Chinmoy: Guru and Father Tom

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  • mahiruha_27
    Jul 23, 2013
      Thanks a lot, Doris. It was a great privilege for me to live in Guru's direct physical proximity for eight or nine years.

      I recently celebrated my sixteenth anniversary on the spiritual path with Sri Chinmoy. When I lived in New York, sometimes I would make Prasad to mark special occasions like my birthday or my anniversary. For my seventh anniversary I made corn bread. It was a southern recipe that actually included extra molasses. They turned out great and the disciples told me they really enjoyed it. After the function, one of Guru's attendants told me that he found corn bread crumbs all over Guru's chair, so Guru also liked it!

      Sometimes when I'm having a hard time, I just think of all the smiles Guru gave me. I hardly ever spoke to Guru, never went to his house, and didn't have much of an outer relationship with him. But he did smile at me quite often, and I remember those smiles. Sometimes, just thinking of the way he used to smile at me, I can get rid of some of the mental frustration or depression that plagues me from time to time. Like the Buddha holding up a flower, Guru's smiles were extremely eloquent and instructive. Also, you could tell that his smile was meant just for you.

      When I got my spiritual name, I called my step father to tell him. He's in his eighties now. When I told him that my Guru had re-named me "Mahiruha", his first response was, "Well, you look like a Morris, you don't look like a Mahiruha."

      Then he paused and said, "But you know, I always knew that you would become a great tree (Mahiruha), I always knew that you would be successful in life. And if your mother were still alive, she would be extremely proud of you for this."

      I told that story at an evening function, and when I had finished, Guru just smiled and smiled.

      On the rare occasions when Guru would call me up for a blessing, I often felt I didn't receive the entirety of the blessing because I was so nervous being in front of so many people. Maybe I should use the word "excited" as opposed to nervous. But, sometimes, when he would bless other people, for example on their birthdays, I felt I received a lot more. One year, I stayed up all night making three hundred-odd custard pies for my birthday. It fell on a Wednesday night. Guru did not call me up or bless me. But he called up a Russian couple and meditated on them for their birthdays (both of them were born almost on the same day, I think). And I really felt deeply and profoundly blessed. I think Guru was happy when disciples identified with each other and felt the purity and power of his universal love.

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