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25893Peace tree in Bosnia and Hercegovina

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  • chanakhya78
    Jul 5, 2013
      In 1997 as part of a Peace run that was organized in Sarajevo a Peace tree was planted in a park near the city center. After a little while the sign was damaged and removed, so for some years there was nothing to say what the tree actually was.
      I moved to Sarajevo to be part of the center there just over a year ago and had the inspiration to once again place a plaque by the tree. On July 5th, after 2 months of organizing it (with the help of the director of the international Peace center), the tree was re-dedicated.
      It was a small ceremony with about 20 attendee's, 2 local TV crews and 2 local newspaper reporters.A new more permanent sign has been place near the tree, which includes a a qr code, which when you take a photo of with a smart phone, takes you to srichinmoycenter.org. This is just the start of new projects that we in Sarajevo have in mind.
      The meditation group here is just 6 members strong, quite small, but with big ideas.

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