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25891Re: Recollections on Sri Chinmoy: A birthday blessing from Guru

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  • purnakama2000
    Jul 1, 2013
      Truly Mahiruha you need to put all of these stories into a book. They are so charming and so well written.

      Now that Guru is no longer in the physical it is so fulfilling and pleasing to read these intimate anecdotes of our Guru. I enjoy very much reading different disciple accounts of their time with Guru. Each person presents a different aspect of Guru that we may not have ever experienced.

      I have had many inner experiences of Guru as we all have. Some of the most profound ones occurred when I took my seat on the plane to go home from Celebrations. It seems that the whole Celebrations experience came to me all at once in a huge flood and it gave a whole new meaning to flying home.

      I only had two outer experiences with Guru. Once on a Christmas trip I happened to be by the front door of the hotel and Guru was passing by on one of his moving carts and he stopped and said "So, when is Shishir coming?" I quietly answered, and he said "Very good." and then he promptly left. Even this little encounter gave me an inner thrill.

      The second time happened when I was a fairly new disciple.

      Guru was selling a weight lifting picture and we could also have it signed by Guru if we wanted. Being new I didn't realize that we had to write our name down on a piece of paper for Guru so I went up to Guru and told him my name which at that time was Lynda, and I told him that it was Lynda spelled with a Y. He looked at me with a funny look and said "Y,Y,Y", but with the look on his face that seemed at the time to be a look of disappointment it sounded like he was saying "Why, why, why?"
      I left the court feeling rather unsettled and all my self doubt came to the fore as my mind tried to analyze what Guru was really saying when he said "Y,Y,Y". I was sure that it meant that I wasn't doing well, or that perhaps I shouldn't even be there.

      To this day I'm not sure what Guru actually meant when he said those words, but 2 weeks after this incident I received my spiritual name.
      It just goes to show that our mind has absolutely no clue what's really going on.

      Keep writing and inspiring us Mahiruha!

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