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25815Re: How Guru opened the 2004 Marathon - Heidelberg Halfmarathon 2013/14

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  • vasanti_hd
    May 1, 2013
      Thank you Mahiruha, for sharing another wonderful story and experience!

      "And the thing was, the more deeply he entered into this state, the more humble he became! It seemed like he just became a little child, surfing and skipping over the waves of some infinite ocean. And at other times, his whole human personality seemed to disappear completely. He became the infinite ocean itself, just a vast rolling plane of undifferentiated consciousness, vast and extended." - what a description!

      I might read out this post at the end of our Center meditation tonight, it is so fitting and inspiring. Last Sunday was the "famous", quite hilly Heidelberg Halfmarathon with 3500 international runners (http://sashalbmarathon.tsg78-hd.de/) where 12 disciples - 6 boys, 6 girls - participated under our team name (and one incognito). Samalya from Berlin placed 2nd overall(!!!!)and 1st for his age group, surprising disciples and organisers alike, Agnikana placed 6th for the girls, and our first girls team of Agnikana, Keertivati and Ankurika placed 7th (the boys teams were nowhere, because Samalya was the only fast runner).

      So I am trying to inspire people already now to consider visiting Heidelberg and Pujaloy on the last weekend of April in 2014 to join in the fun of the Heidelberg Half-marathon world (Pujaloy will be open longer so people can run and meditate)! We might also have a music group to support the runners. The route is extremely scenic (and quite challenging), passing by Pujaloy, the castle, and also along the Philosopher`s path, where you can easily imagine a statue in the future ...

      Here a link to the results

      and some photos of our here:

      this is the route:

      Congratulations again to all the 10 day and 6 day heroes! And thank you for all the inspiring reports about it!

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