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  • tejvan_13
    Apr 29 5:20 AM
      At celebrations I picked up a new book - Subarata's stories as told by Jogyata. I enjoyed reading it. It includes a great range of stories - humorous, illumining, entertaining and informative.

      One of the wonderful things about Sri Chinmoy's path is the great diversity of seekers who are attracted to this path. There's no typical disciple on Sri Chinmoy's sunlit path – there's room for a huge range of characters and personalities – from the introverted to the extroverted. Reading this book, you get a sense Subarata was a soul of great dynamism, dauntlessness and with great faith in her Guru. I particularly like Jogyata's phrase `ol Smoking Gun Cunningham' – and the examples of her unswerving faith and commitment. I never met Subarata, but I guess she is the kind of person you would be happy to have on your side!

      I also like how Jogyata wrote about her very human struggles and challenges, and importantly how Guru was able to help in that lifelong process of transformation. These examples of grace and the Master's concern are applicable to us all.

      If I had one regret, it is just a shame that Subarata didn't get to write a book about Jogyata. I note with interest on p.64 Jogyata saying:

      "...Guru gave me 100 per cent for my smile and Subarata 82 percent. How he loved husband-and-wife rivalry!"

      Now, I trust Jogyata's word as if he was a sage from Vedic times. But, I wouldn't be surprised if Subarata could remember an occasion when the percentages were the other way around!

      There are a few stories online, http://subarata.srichinmoycentre.org/main-subarata but the book has much more material.


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