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25811Re: "The Guru's Farewell Concern" by Suchana

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  • mahiruha_27
    Apr 28, 2013
      I liked Suchana's article, especially when she writes about how Guru told her not to take off her shoes before taking Prasad, lest her feet get wet and muddy on Aspiration-Ground.

      Guru really had a highly sensitive attunement to his disciples' needs and life situations. I remember in 2004, when I was training avidly for an autumn marathon. In the weeks before the marathon, whenever I would pass in front of Guru, I would see this blazing enthusiasm bubbling from his eyes. It was like his eyes caught on fire, were just brimming with fiery joy, when he saw me. I could feel his encouragement and inspiration in my running.

      Then, alas, I got a pulled hamstring from too much running. The marathon became out of the question- it would have taken me ten or eleven hours to finish and I felt that that was not the experience Guru wanted for me. After I made my decision, I passed in front of Guru. For a split second I saw that fiery enthusiastic joy light up in his eyes, and then it flickered and vanished. He gave me an `ordinary' smile (I don't know, however, if any of Guru's smiles were ever ordinary) and I took the prasad and sat down.

      I had never told Guru I was training for a marathon in the first place, and also I had never informed him that I had canceled my plans. But, in both cases, I saw from his incredibly expressive eyes that he was completely cued in on my life and activities. That's the kind of attention and concern that only a real Guru can provide. I still feel it.

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