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  • suchana27
    Apr 2, 2013
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      Dear Doris,

      Nearly a week ago I set on my computer and saw Kedar´s website -www.srichinmoyphoto.com- there was a very beautiful photo of Guru entitled ´Guru Sri Chinmoy´.

      As I have been usually doing for months, I saved it and started working. A few minutes later, due to some good reason I ignore, I wanted to see that Guru´s photo again on the site but instead there were two beautiful photos of Sri Chinmoy and Dodula with her birthdate and passing date.

      I felt deeply shocked first. Then I looked at her face again and saw much joy and determination, the same feelings I got the times we briefly talked on a Xmas. Trip and in Celebrations -I slightly remember also that she mentioned white and light-blue as her favourite colours! :-)

      From the special meeting you had with Dodula last time, I just got inspired to share this poem in her sweet memory:

      " MASTER

      O Lord of Nature, sovereign Sun of All!
      Who, if not Thou, will speak of Thee?
      Thy Smile of Grace through Eternity
      Frees all aspiring souls from night´s dumb call.

      Reality unique! Thou art the ring
      Of the lowest chasm and spanless height.
      In Thee they feel their haven bright;
      In Thee all beings move and wave and wing.

      To see Thy all-transcending mystic Form,
      No vision have we of golden gaze;
      Thou art the Noon of all our days.
      The veerless Pilot of our death´s stark storm."

      Guru Sri Chinmoy [unofficial]
      in ´Grace´. Aum Publications. NY. 2003

      Thank you so much, Doris, for posting such divine experiences and stories about Dodula´s life.
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